Training certificare NSE4

luni, 18 mart. 2019

09:00 – 17:00

Certificarea oficială Network Security Professional (NSE4) este titlul care oferă informații și dezvoltă aptitudini necesare pentru configurarea, instalarea și monitorizarea optimă a echipamentelor FortiGate.



Training oficial Fortinet susținut de Veracomp

FortiGate Configuration and Administration

  • NSE4 – FortiGate I Security (curs bazat pe FortiOS versiunea 5.6.2)
    • Deploy the appropriate operation mode for your network.
    • Use the GUI and CLI for administration.
    • Identify the characteristics of the Fortinet security fabric.
    • Control network access to configured networks using firewall policies.
    • Apply port forwarding, source NAT, and destination NAT.
    • Authenticate users using firewall policies.
    • Understand encryption functions and certificates.
    • Inspect SSL/TLS-secured traffic to prevent encryption used to bypass security policies.
    • Configure security profiles to neutralize threats and misuse, including viruses, torrents, and inappropriate websites.
    • Apply application control techniques to monitor and control network applications that might use standard or non-standard protocols and ports.
    • Fight hacking and denial of service (DoS).
    • Defend against data leaks by identifying files with sensitive data, and block them from leaving your private network.
    • Offer an SSL VPN for secure access to your private network.
    • Implement a dial-up IPsec VPN tunnel between FortiGate and FortiClient.
    • Collect and interpret log entries.
  • NSE4 – FortiGate II Infrastructure
    • Analyze a FortiGate’s route table.
    • Route packets using policy-based and static routes for multi-path and load balanced deployments.
    • Configure SD-WAN to load balance traffic between multiple WAN links effectively.
    • Inspect traffic transparently, forwarding as a Layer 2 device.
    • Divide FortiGate into two or more virtual devices, each operating as an independent FortiGate, by configuring virtual domains (VDOMs).
    • Establish an IPsec VPN tunnel between two FortiGate appliances.
    • Compare policy-based to route-based IPsec VPN.
    • Implement a meshed or partially redundant VPN.
    • Diagnose failed IKE exchanges.
    • Offer Fortinet Single Sign On (FSSO) access to network services, integrated with Microsoft Active Directory.
    • Deploy FortiGate devices as an HA cluster for fault tolerance and high performance.
    • Deploy implicit and explicit proxy with firewall policies, authentication, and caching.
    • Diagnose and correct common problems.


Curs 5 zile – 1900 € +TVA (Voucher NSE4 300 euro este inclus)



Pentru desfășurarea modului de hands-on, participanții își vor aduce laptop propriu.

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